Marsala is Pantone colour of the year for 2015. It is an elegant colour, but not necessarily easy to wear. If you have a soft and muted colouring and favour chic and understated looks, you will love wearing it head-to-toe.  For everyone else, wear it with your favourite colours from your palette, either in contrast (Clears and Deeps) or blend it (Lights, Warms and Cools).

Here are a few tips on how each of the different colourings can effectively wear Marsala.

This month, I'm back in Thame talking to my friend and super-talented architect, Lynn Palmer. 

Lynn set up her own business (Lynn Palmer Architects) five years ago, specialising in designing and remodelling houses. She believes there is nothing more satisfying than being welcomed into someone’s home. One of the key elements to her success is getting to know clients and their families personally, to understand what is important to them and how they live.

So how does an architect decide what to wear? "As well as spending time with clients, I spend a large proportion of time on building sites. What I wear when I get up in the morning reflects the tasks that I anticipate undertaking that day. Turning up on site in a skirt and heels is not only unsafe, it is not a way for builders to take you seriously. My typical attire is smart jeans, shirt and jumper, which is then dressed up or down with a scarf. My whole career has been dominated by a male environment." 

Here's more about Lynn's wardrobe staples, statements and a couple of her style secrets!