If it’s been a little while since your summer hols and the shorter, crisper Autumn days arriving, now is a great time to think about taking a weekend break – but what to pack? For a few short days away, there really is no need for excess baggage - you will be able to take the essentials and more in a carry-on bag and still have a selection of outfits you can mix and match to suit the weather and the occasion. A recent survey found that on average, women wear less than half of the clothes they pack to take on holiday, so instead of wasting time on endless items that don’t get worn, get to grips with these simple techniques to get everything you need for a great weekend away without straining a zip on your case. 

The scarf trend - how will you wear yours? However you like to wear them, scarves are timeless and can give your outfit an instant new twist.  Make sure you have some good colours to choose from so you always have this must-have accessory on hand to add a finishing touch to your outfits. 

The My Style monthly feature is all about local personalities and their very own look. This month, I’ve loved finding out more about Nikki Loy - Oxford based singer and writer of classy pop songs. Nikki is also a blogger and creative artist. Fascinated by creativity and personal growth Nikki is always looking for the special moments that make life worth writing, drawing and singing about!

Who (or what) inspires your look? 
I don’t think I have a ‘look’ as such. I would find that too limiting. I like to change it up depending on the occasion. Being an entertainer I have quite a varied collection of dresses and costumes but I get frustrated if I have to wear the same outfit too often! I do love striking colours and bold looks!