If you have a wedding to look forward this summer or a glamorous event coming up, there is no doubt that special occasions require a special outfit so, Spring is a great time to start planning what to wear!  

Where to start? 
First and foremost, be sure to check out the dress code, which in itself can be a challenge. If the event is a formal one, the great news is 'long' is in this season. So if in doubt you may want to opt for a longer length (just make sure the hem stops at the narrower bit of your leg - often just above the ankle). 
I am sure many will have experienced shopping for a special outfit to find that the colour and/or size is sold out. When you are shopping for that perfect look, it is a good idea to go shopping as early on in the season as you can to avoid finding that the ideal ensemble is sold out in your size or colour. By May, the best pieces will have gone and by June you start getting into the sales - there is nothing wrong with the sales - I love them - but unless you have done your research early on and know what is available and where to find it, you could quickly find yourself disenchanted with the whole process. 

Styles to choose this season 
You can never go wrong with 'chic sophistication', which translates into simple shapes and neutral colours. You can either dress these up (fabulous killer heels, jewels, the lot) or down (a waterfall cardigan might do the trick and some more comfortable wedge sandals). Though simplicity is what you are opting for, make sure that the fabric makes it special - think silk and taffetas.   
Hats or fascinators? 
Fascinators are often easier and cheaper to manage - and no need to take them off when you hit the dance floor! As for hats, there are all sorts of rules to wearing them: black rims can throw a black shadow on your face so think about it; don't choose a hat with a rim that extends wider than your shoulders either, it will look too big. 

Colour Me Beautiful 
If it is colour you are after, there are plenty around. There is an abundance of red (a bit too much if you are the mother of the bride or groom maybe); there is every single blue you can dream but the colour which is stealing the show is green, in particular, Emerald Green. 
So don’t delay and you won’t despair – get ahead of the game and make it an occasion to remember! 


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