The My Style monthly feature is all about local personalities and their very own look. This month, I’ve loved finding out more about Nikki Loy - Oxford based singer and writer of classy pop songs. Nikki is also a blogger and creative artist. Fascinated by creativity and personal growth Nikki is always looking for the special moments that make life worth writing, drawing and singing about!

Who (or what) inspires your look? 
I don’t think I have a ‘look’ as such. I would find that too limiting. I like to change it up depending on the occasion. Being an entertainer I have quite a varied collection of dresses and costumes but I get frustrated if I have to wear the same outfit too often! I do love striking colours and bold looks! 


What is your favourite item of clothing right now?
I confess to owning this simple comfy and sparkly body-con dress! I never had the confidence to wear such things before but I like it because I know I look fab in it  - As long as I keep my posture aligned! Any anything that keeps my posture up is good! (Forgive the Bra strap - Playing guitar often causes wardrobe malfunctions!)

You’ve been invited to a special event last minute – what do you wear? 
Whatever I have that’s appropriate... I have something for pretty much every event but let’s pretend you said it was an Indian wedding! I’d wear this sari. I got it in India and have worn in once - It’s AMAZING and deserves far more use than it gets! 

Family day out – what do you wear?
Depends what we’re doing! Going to the beach is usually the preference in my family so sandals, a sundress, a bikini and most definitely one of my sun hats! 

Tell me about a holiday fashion buy
I got this sunhat on holiday in Spain one year and since, I have taken it all over the world. In this picture we’d just arrived in Railay, Thailand. After 5 days of torrential rain I’m not sure I needed it but when traveling with a hat you just have to wear it! 

Favourite jeans you’ve ever owned or worn. 
When I lived in Australia I had a pair of faded out blue jeans. I think they were an Aussie brand because they did between sizes - 11,13 etc which meant I actually got a pair to fit well. I wore them to death and haven’t ever found another pair as great since. 

The most amazing shoes in your wardrobe (worn or not!)
It’s tough to choose between this vibrant purple suede pair which I have only worn a handful of times because they hurt so much (I had a purple satin mini dress in the same colour - It was a striking outfit!), and this gold pair of sandals which when I bought them, I thought I may only wear once but now I have almost worn them out! The best wearing of this gold pair was going to a masquerade ball dressed in peacock colours, with a peacock mask and gold accessories! 
Favourite Fashion Decade
The seventies I think - the hippy era of crazy colours, and clothing when anything goes! 

What accessory or item can you NEVER leave home without?
I’m not that precious about any item. I’m practical and hate carrying baggage but often out of sheer necessity I’ll find can’t be with out my sunnies, and my wallet. Fortunately for the purposes of this blog - they match! ;) That said I would like to wear these sparkly ears ALL THE TIME! 
You can find out more about Nikki Loy’s music and forthcoming events at www.nikkiloy.com or on social media via: 


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