It's the most glamorous season of the year which means picking those all-important party outfits.   
There is nothing better than wearing your best colours and a bit of sparkle to boost your mood and your party wear.  
Choose your colours and metallic shades well and you will truly dazzle through December. 

Festive Colours for LIGHT
You can make the most of the delicate and shimmering shades this season.  Pale pink or mint with some added sparkle are the perfect party pieces for you.  Or, go for light gold or silver  (depending on your skin tone).  Don't overdo your sparkle or accessories, keep them pared down so as not to overpower your look. 
Festive Colours for DEEP
Deeps are spoiled for choice at this time of year with so many dark colours available (and you look amazing in head-to-toe black). Good colours for you are rich burgundy, deep purple and emerald.  To make these shades more festive you want some embellishment such as sequins, gold trim or lace. If you do wear black, make sure you add some colour or metallic in your accessories.
Festive Colours for WARM
You can go to town with gold and red (two partywear favourites) as these shades were made for your colouring, but don't forget you have other choices too such as orange, green or copper.  If you are going heavy on the gold jewellery you won't need sparkle on your dress, go for a satin sheen instead. Why not mix up different tones of red (in your palette) with your dress, jacket and handbag? 
Festive Colours for COOL
You can wear black and silver beautifully, but why be predictable?  There are some beautiful blues this season which will make fabulous party outfits plus cool purples and, of course, reds.  If you do go for black, make it interesting with embellishment or statement jewellery. 
Festive Colours for CLEAR 
Your colouring will love the brights in party wear this season from cobalt blue to fuchsia to emerald green (make sure they work with your cool or warm skin tone).   You can go head to toe bright and bold and carry it off beautifully. Make your dress or separates the colour statement or make your necklace (near your face) the colour piece. If you want to go monochrome (which suits your contrasting colouring) make sure you add some shimmer or shine in the fabric to glam it up.
Festive Colours for SOFT
Wearing softer shades doesn't mean understated outfits, you can still do sparkle or shine. Do make sure your colours are not too sharp and that they work with your soft colouring.  Mid-tone reds and antique gold are most flattering on you.  You are the one who can take this season's favourite neutral - grey - and make it look fabulous with a hint of sparkle or sheen in the fabric or in your accessories. 
What will you wear to sparkle this festive season?


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