Love them or want to love them, jeans are a wardrobe staple that can take you almost anywhere. Choose the right style and fit and your set - but how do you find the elusive perfect pair?
Shape up
Consider you shape first of all. If you're curvy make sure your denim comes with lycra (aka elastane) and keep additional bulk to minimum by avoiding pockets and details in the front of your trousers. Side zips and shallow pockets work well.

In terms of cut, if you are pear shaped, bootleg styles will help to balance your hips. Jeans are a perfect look for those with a straighter bodyline, as the fabric and detailing will work with your shape. If your challenge is avoiding a muffin top, try styles with a higher rise to give a smoothing effect.

Colour conscious
For most of us, a dark wash will look great and have a slimming effect with the added bonus of looking a bit smarter than a well-washed rinse. Jeans in colour are still a great look – there are a rainbow of brights this season, perfect for the the coming winter months.

Other tips & tricks
Subtle optical illusions can be used for great effect. Larger pockets on the back of your jeans will make your rear appear smaller, whilst tiny details or pockets will accentuate the tiniest amount of excess baggage. When you head out shopping for jeans, take the shoes you plan to team them with along to make sure you can check hemline against heel height for your ideal look.

All zipped up

All brands of jeans will be different in their cut and sizing, sometimes even within the same range. With this in mind, do take time to try on each pair and compare two sizes to check for the ideal fit and shape. It is worth remembering that when trying jeans on, if you can zip them up then you have a good fit – there will always be a little stretch in wear so if they are a touch snug to start with, that’s a good sign.

Brands with a selection for a great fit:
Levi’s Curve ID (my favourites!)
Citizens of Humanity
Do you have go-to denim brand that always works for you - or do you despair in the hunt for the perfect jeans?


Ky Prevette
16/11/2014 12:18pm

I've just ordered a pair of non-curvy jeans from an online company called "Long Elegant Legs" (they make curvy styles, too). They are serious about being for long legs--inseams are 36" or 39" only!! I'll let you know how they fit once they arrive--could be a great answer for the truly tall women out there!

Katy Dyer
17/11/2014 6:21am

Do let me know how you get on Ky! Is this a US company - I remember you showed me the catalogue?


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