The My Style monthly feature is all about local personalities and their very own look. In November, I'm talking to the gorgeous Katy Brown, Breakfast Show presenter at Buckinghamshire's Mix96.

First of all, I wanted to know a bit more about Katy:
A little about me? Well, my favourite colour is yellow, I only ever drink half a cup of tea and I feel ugly if my toes aren’t painted. The most important things in my life are my family, friends and puppy Mylo. He even has his own Twitter account - @mylothebeagle. I live in a world of organised chaos and my home is probably more stylish than me as I’d spend my last pennies on a Yankee Candle or some kind of trinket box that looks pretty but is too small to fit anything in. I have a regular column in Vale Life magazine where I talk about life as a radio presenter and I tweet my day to day general wonderingments on @katybrownradio.

What is your favourite item of clothing right now? 
Oooooh I just purchased some amazing ankle length black and white patterned slacks from H&M, totally missed the boat though, as the seasons change I feel they might be a bit too summery but I’m planning on styling them out with a black roll neck jumper.
What is the most cherished item in your wardrobe – what’s the story behind it?
My wedding dress. I swore I’d sell it straight after the wedding. Never. Going. To. Happen. I couldn’t bear to part with it - I had it cleaned, boxed up and it’s sitting there waiting until all my best friends are married - we’re going to have a ‘celebrate the dress’ photoshoot. Too much fun!
The most amazing shoes in your wardrobe (worn or not!)
Gotta be my wedding shoes! Our ‘theme’ was all centred around sunflowers so hidden under my white wedding dress were bright yellow shoes! As I'm a flats over heels kinda gal I had yellow trainers at the ready for a quick change over for our first dance as Mr & Mrs and to party the night away - perfect combination!

Tell me about a holiday fashion buy
I have these sunglasses I bought for about 20p in a market in Thailand YEARS ago. They are white with heart-shaped lenses and ridiculous and tacky and probably designed for a 5 year old. But they manage to make an appearance every so often. Most recently when I took part in ‘The Colour Run’.

Blow dry or natural wave?
I love the perfection of blow dried hair, in fact, a little luxury for me is visiting my local salon's ‘blow dry bar’ before a big event. Having said that, the 3:45am wake up call lends itself very well to the natural wave (not had time to brush my hair) look.

What accessory or item can you NEVER leave home without?
It sounds ridiculous and boring at the same time but it's a hair band. I swear nearly every photo taken of me I have a hairbands around my wrist. I love wearing my hair down but I feel like I'm missing something if I don't have one on me, you know, just in case something happens and I require my hair to be tied up. Insert scenario here. Can’t think of one. That’s why its ridiculous.
Animal print or florals?
Oooooh a bit of both! I've been all about the floral leggings, trousers and harem pants this summer. I love them! Despite being continuously ridiculed by the boys in the office that I looked like I was sponsored by a garden centre! I rocked those bedding plants.

Neutrals or brights?
Interesting one! I wear a lot of neutrals (when I say neutral, mostly black!) at work because it's easy and a simple black T or oversized sweater and skinny jeans can be dressed up with a chunky necklace. But I loved trying out some of the brighter neon colours this year! This picture is of me at a crazy club in Cancun called Coco Bongos. Note the equally bright blusher and lipstick (I LOVE blusher).

Kindle or paperback?
I love a good old fashioned book. I love the feel of it in your hands, the achievement when you turn over the top corner to mark where you are and look at how many pages you've read without taking your eyes off it and I have a massive book case at home (thank you Ikea) that is full of books I can't let go of.
I spend so much time on my computer editing audio and the like, sometimes it's just nice to put technology to one side and curl up with a book and a cuppa. I read Philomena recently and it was just brilliant - a must-read.
TV or radio?
Honestly? Radio. I should watch more TV than I do but I never seem to find the time. When I’m not on the radio myself, I listen to music when I’m out running and like to have a prance around the kitchen when I’m doing the washing up (the neighbours opposite enjoy the performance) but I also love talk radio and listen to it whilst I’m on the move. I enjoy listening to phone-ins, people's opinions on everything from celebrity scandals to politics – it’s got everything covered and I always switch off feeling a little more educated.
You can hear Katy Brown on the Mix96 Breakfast Show every weekday morning from 6am on 96.2FM. You can also find her on Twitter - @katybrownradio


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