At Colour Me Beautiful we are passionate about colour. Not just any colour and not necessarily lots of it, but discovering and using the colours that make us look good and feel good.
Let yourself fall in love with your perfect colours this Valentines and it will be the beginning of a lifelong, beautiful relationship...

Connect with your colours
How many times have you said or heard female friends or family say 'I LOVE this colour'. Our connection and reaction to certain colours can be so strong that we almost swoon at the sight of them.  
Colour can really excite us, just like our favourite food, places, music and so on.  The key is not just to be in love with your colours, but the colours need to love you back too; yes, colour really is a two-way relationship. That is to say, they need to be right for you, they need to complement you, suit your colouring, your style and your personality.  
Wear your passion in reds, pinks and oranges to boost your mood 
Get passionate about reds and pinks with other shades in your palette to boost your mood.
Don't be afraid to fall in love with colours but try to temper your passion a little with reason.  If certain colours you love aren't very complementary, especially next to your face, keep them to a minimum and find a more suitable colour to build a relationship with.  

If you've been wearing a colour you love for years but you know it's not really working for you any more, move on!  When you understand why certain colours are more suited to you than others, you can start using them to build your personal style, develop your own look and create the perfect partnership.


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