In the Autumn of last year I was working through some of the updates I wanted to make to my website and whilst I love my current pictures I felt they needed a refresh too.

Photographer Becky Rui was originally recommended to me by a friend and I love the pictures she took for me in September 2012. Two years on it’s time for a change so we arranged a shoot for the following Spring, 2015. 

Becky is great at getting under the skin of what you want to achieve from your images, whether it's business or pleasure (Becky also did a family shoot with us last year). In my case, the corporate side of image consulting which for me was growing. I also wanted to reflect more of my own style on my site and have images that would be great to use on social media, blogs and also in print. I also wanted images that were really reflective of my approach with my clients. 
Whilst some of the shoot was to take place in my own home studio, with Becky’s help we decided on some of my favourite places and spaces for location shots too. I love the history and beautiful features in Thame, the town that has been my home for the past fifteen years and as it’s also where I spend a lot of my time (whether work, with friends, on the school run or simply day to day errands) focusing on some of the historical and feature locations in the town made perfect sense.
On the day – a perfectly bright summer-like Thursday and after some magic from my friend and super-talented make-up artist Rachael Parrey we were good to go. Rachael also really understood that I prefer a really natural look as well as the techniques and products needed to achieve this in photographs. She was part of the shoot as the very lovely "model client" and expertly retouched make up during the session.
I can’t deny that I was a little apprehensive about my shoot – after all, the images Becky had taken for me before had worked so well, why change? But as I live by the theory that “a change is as good as a rest”, this had to be a good thing. The aim was to reflect my intentions in my work – to be approachable, current and professional. And the results didn’t disappoint. I hope you’ll like the changes too. 


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