If you’ve watched makeover shows on TV, gazed at personal transformations in glossy magazines, read about celeb personal stylists or perhaps even seen a friend or colleague really up their game in the style stakes, you may have thought that a personal stylist is just for a chosen few or those with an endless clothing budget. 

In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Before you read on, just take a couple of moments to consider the clothes in your wardrobe. More specifically, those items that you never or rarely wear (and yes, that does include that item you bought months ago that still has the tag on!). As you virtually cast your eye over your clothes, add up the value of those unworn items. 

How much did you get to - £100, £500, more? It may surprise you to learn that on average over a lifetime, women in the UK spend close to £15,000 on clothes which they never or rarely wear. So perhaps it’s not about being able to afford using a personal stylist – but whether you can afford not to.

So, how do you start? Well, let’s consider how to dress to feel confident, comfortable and well, more you. 

There are four attributes – clothes and accessories which:
  • flatter your physical characteristics (colouring & bodyshape)
  • complement your personality
  • are appropriate for the occasion
  • are current (note: shoes are a HUGE giveaway)

All of the above and more are covered during a personal styling consultation. So knowing this is useful, yes – but what are the benefits of spending money and without having actual clothes to show for it?

1. It will improve your confidence massively – you know exactly what to wear to suit the occasion or job role and keep up to date.

2. Wearing colours and styles that flatter you physically will make you look younger and healthier.

3. You will have the ability to adapt your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle – never again have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!

4. You will save time shopping for clothes & choosing outfits

5. You will also save money by & have less clothes that you wear more

6. You'll know exactly where to shop (brands and locations)

7. You will have clothes that work with other items in your wardrobe – never again have that expensive item that you love but doesn’t really go with anything

8. Enhanced confidence and pride in your body shape – knowing how to choose clothes to suit and fit you (rather than trying to change your body fit the shapes that fashion dictates).
Whoever you are
I will ensure that you get the advice you need for who you are, your challenges, your lifestyle and your budget.

Find out more about stylecolour & image consultations with Katy - visit www.katydyer.com or simply call 01844 872 025 / 07815 923 019 for an informal chat about what might work best for you, without obligation (and if you happen to find I'm unable to take your call, do leave a message - I'll get right back to you).

Do you have a favourite outfit, or even your own go to pieces to create your own “uniform” for work? When was the last time you felt truly fabulous in an outfit? Do you feel excited or downhearted about getting dressed?


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