Dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, son: adventurers, story-tellers, providers, teachers, heroes...but sometimes not always great dressers.

A survey carried out last year stated that "37 is the age men give up on style" - is this true of the man in your life?

If so, then the tips below will help:

 1. Switch His Shoes 
If eyes are the window to your soul, then shoes are the window to your style. Swap out his beat-up trainers for a current pair in a colourful shade for an instant update.

2. Ditch The Slogan Tee 
After the teenage years slogan tees on men can look a little tacky. Instead encourage him to wear a polo shirt or simple tee in one of his best colours (which will make him appear more youthful too!)

3. Watch It 
A great gift for Father's Day or birthday and an instant style update in one - a classic, sophisticated watch will complete any outfit.

4. Hair Care 
If your man wears his hair longer encourage him to ensure its properly styled before he leaves the house. If your man is starting to lose a little hair, going really short is a really current look and usually more youthful.

5. Belt Up 
A simple accessory to smarten up a look in an instant. A leather belt will help his trousers sit (and stay up!) better.
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