Discover the clothes and lipstick shades to make you look your sizzling best this Summer!
Its only natural that as the weather gets warmer and the days get brighter you want your look to match your sunny mood.

The guide below will help you navigate some of the brighter shades in your palette to ensure you're glowing all Summer long!

Light Aqua is a gorgeous shade to wear in warm weather and works beautifully paired with Mint for an easy, breezy combination or Peach (if you are Light and Warm)

Choose one of the more vibrant shades like Turquoise, which will look fabulous on you in warmer months and work harmoniously with your gorgeous deep colour characteristics.

Make a sunny statement in Primrose or Daffodil (just as Victoria Beckham did recently), both of which look perfect paired with Light Navy. 

Sapphire combined with Icy Blue will ensure you stay cool in the holiday crowds this Summer. You look fabulous when you wear your colours in contrast so don't be afraid to try bold combinations!

Bright, vibrant shades are the mainstay of your palette and now is the time to get colourful! Chinese Blue with Lemon Yellow, Apple Green with Light Aqua, the possibilities are endless so experiment and have fun!

When wearing lighter shades from your palette you need to balance them with tones one or two shades deeper. Emerald Turquoise worn with Mint is a beautifully fresh combination for hot Summer days.


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