Rosie and I have a shared love of food and having both started our businesses at the same time along with having sons of the same age we have a lot in common!

Rosie is a knowledgeable and supportive nutritional therapist and owner of Nutrition by Rosie based in Thame, Oxfordshire. She has a passion for supporting those who seek to understand and put into practice the concept of healing the body with food and lifestyle. I love Rosie's naturally creative style - and wanted to find out more about her fashion faves and places that she loves too.


Tell me about your favourite item of clothing
I adore this hand-made orange jumper – it’s unusual and not really something I would ordinarily choose but I feel great when I wear it on special occasions. It’s so fine and soft – it’s almost as if it was spun not knitted!

Who (or what) inspires your look (famous or otherwise)? 
Mainly my friends. I have always been inspired by Annie Lennox too, a fantastic female role model who didn’t necessarily follow the crowd.

Where to you like to shop?
Oxford - it was a real treat to go there when I was growing up. Plus there’s some great cafes - the most important thing for me as I don’t have too much stamina for clothes shopping.

Do you have a favourite fashion decade? 
The 60’s (despite only just being born in this decade) - I love the fashion and the music

And what about music - which track always gets you on the dancefloor?
More tricky - as a student I listened to a lot of 60’s music but also indie stuff from the 80’s and 90's. Le Freak by Chic is the track that always gets me dancing. It's my friends' favourite so always reminds me of parties when we were too young!

You’ve been invited to a special event last minute – what do you wear? 
Jeans and a nice top - I’m really not good with the posh frock and heels.

What about a family day out ?  
Comfy shoes jeans a nice jumper maybe a scarf/thick coat/rain coat/sunglasses depending on weather.

Tell me about the favourite jeans you’ve ever owned. 
My current ones are Jasper Conran there oh so comfortable not sure how much longer they will last.
What about your favourite shoes (worn or not!)
Purple suede desert boots brought in Brighton on a rare trip away with my husband.

Where is your favourite travel destination/
Have to say Cornwall, with many places like Mevagessy and a village called Luxylian where we have camped with friends many times and also saw a solar eclipse. 

Tell me about a holiday fashion buy
My necklace made from recycled glass I brought it from the Eden Project.

Neutrals or brights? 

Heels or flats?  
Flats – I once had a pair of heals aged 13 - I don’t think they left the house!

TV or radio? 
The radio is always on in my kitchen.

Kindle or paperback?

Paperbacks even though we’ve run out of bookshelves...
Rosie has a BSc in Nutritional Medicine from University of West London and is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the UK’s professional body for nutritional therapists and those working in the nutrition profession. She is also registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC) which is the national voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners. You can find out more about consultations with Rosie along with lots of her healthier yet delicious recipes at www.nutritionbyrosie.co.uk


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