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If like many people in the UK, the 1st of January signified a new regime – one where you would be out at the crack of dawn running, at the gym every day at work – or perhaps simply resolving to take up yoga, pilates or gentler type of exercise then hopefully by now you are seeing and feeling some benefits to your mind and body. But three weeks in, and you may be beginning to get bored or your regime and in need of a bit of a boost. 

I am a firm believer that if you feel good you look good. So, if you look good, perhaps you can lift your mood and outlook to “feel good” – even if you are not that inspired or motivated to get out of the door. So now might be a great time to reward yourself with some fitness kit.

​If you started out with your old trainers, tshirt or perhaps socks that weren’t really fit for purpose, you may be surprised at the difference a bit of technical gear can make. It doesn’t have to be pricey, there is a great range of functional but fashionable kit available on the high street for men and women – try H&M or F&F at Tesco. For high-fashion, highly technical gear with a higher price tag, London-designed Sweaty Betty and Canadian brand, Lululemon take some beating. But for similar on-trend hard-working apparel at a lower price point, there’s Zatki – online and also have few stores in London and Oxford’s Summertown too. If your priority is sustainable, eco choices, then BAM have a complete range from tights and tees to underwear.

And if you struggle to just get out there and do it, these are my tips for keeping your fitness intentions right on track:
  1. Get everything out the evening before: clothes, bag, music, mat. Whatever you need – so you won’t be delayed and risk not bothering at all.
  2. Just put your effort into getting out of the front door - this is the hardest part. Once you’ve done that, there’s no point going back.
  3. Pat yourself on the back when you’ve done it! Be your own cheerleader. Then get ready for next time.
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With the shops full of sale items right now, it always gets me thinking about a psychological term I heard once “engaging with your purchase”.

Here’s what it means for me: 

Scenario 1
You’re out shopping (could even just be something you see whilst you’re out in your lunchbreak) and you spot the bargain of the century. It’s reduced by more than 50% so it’s got to be good – right? And whilst it will be a stretch moneywise, you can’t possibly leave the shop without it as its such an amazing saving. So you buy it. When you get home in the evening you forget to take into the house. The next day you do remember, but your purchase stays at the bottom of the stairs. Eventually the bag and its contents make it up to your bedroom (or wherever your wardrobe is). You get it out of bag, and somehow it isn’t as amazing as you remember from the shop. What’s wrong? You didn’t engage with your purchase. You didn’t really love it. And you can’t return it because sale items are non-refundable.

How about this?

Scenario 2
You are out for coffee with one of your best friends. Your friend tells you about a great new shop that she thinks you will love. You head over, and find a beautiful sweater which whilst you hadn’t intended to buy - great for the cooler months you think, and it would team up brilliantly with quite a few garments you already own. You try on two different sizes, just to get the right fit. It's a little over your usual price range, but you haven’t bought anything for ages. So you decide to take it. You’ve had a great morning, when you get home you can’t wait to try your new purchase on. You do and it feels great – and guess what, you find the perfect necklace to go with it that you hadn’t realised would work so well. 

Both scenarios I admit are a little exaggerated but I would hazard a guess that we have all been in these situations at one point or another. Engaging with your purchase – finding and enjoying something your really love, is not about the price tag. It’s about association and value – worth bearing in mind when you find yourself choosing an item based on the price or discount rather than its value to you.
What do you have in your wardrobe that you really love? And what still has the tags on (tip: let it go). 
<![CDATA[Get The Party Glow This Festive Season]]>Thu, 26 Oct 2017 23:00:00 GMThttp://katydyer.com/blog/get-the-party-glow-this-festive-seasonMiss Selfridge Navy Velvet Suit JacketMiss Selfridge
The most sociable time of year is almost upon us - any excuse to dress up and have fun!

Gorgeous textures and embellishments are key trends for this season and are a great way to update your party look.

THE texture to be seen in this Christmas is velvet. From jackets to dresses, skirts to trousers; velvet is the ultimate luxe fabric to take your outfit from drab to fab. 

Intensify the impact of velvet by getting yours in one of the season's key colours (greens and reds) and you'll be ready to dazzle!

Remember; there are different weights of velvet available, meaning some styles will be more fluid whilst others will be heavier and have more shaping to them. Select a weight of fabric that works with your body line and scale to balance your look.

If you want to bring velvet into your daytime look try a corduroy skirt or trousers, as this is a type of velvet too.

In addition to velvet, chiffon, damask, taffeta and leather are all looks which you'll be able to find on the High Street within the next few weeks. 

If you have some romantic in your style personality you'll have a ball with all the textures and embellishments on offer. If you want to toughen up the look of chiffon and taffeta a little to suit your style try pairing an elegant skirt with a leather biker jacket for a different take on party wear.

Remember - the most important thing is to wear whatever makes you feel glamorous and comfortable!
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With Autumn now officially upon us it is likely that if you haven't already, you'll soon be digging out those cosy knits and coats ready for the season ahead.

Is it time to embrace some bold new hues?

​The new season offers a great opportunity to try some new shades from your colour palette. Many of us will gravitate towards the same few colours time and again, but as you prepare your wardrobe for Autumn, take the time to have review what you already own and experiment with some new colours.

This season, red is THE colour to be seen in, but there are also lots of greens and blues to choose from too.

Whichever colour, or colours, you choose to embrace, there will be a shade to suit you.
Both your colouring and your style personality will play a big part in which of this season's hottest colours you choose to wear.

Red is a colour which signifies passion, energy and power, so if you have an element of dramatic or creative in your style personality you may find yourself drawn to this shade worn quite dominantly as part of your look. A red dress, shoes or bag are all great ways to stand out! 

Prefer chic and elegant? Simply opt for a subtle red manicure or lipstick as a nod to the trend.

Those with a natural or classic element to their style personality will likely want to opt for slightly subtler shades this season. With an array of greens on offer, it could be that you decide to try adding this as a new colour to your wardrobe. 

From Apple Green through to Sage, there are a variety of greens to choose from depending on what your dominant colour category is. 

Those with softer colouring will look great in knitwear in greens that are a medium-depth. Try an Olive jacket or even a hat to give you the perfect protection from Autumn showers.

With the shops now full of fresh new Autumn/Winter stock there is no better time to assess what you have and invest in the pieces that suit your colouring, body shape and style personality.
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​Yellow; the colour associated with all things happy and bright, is often viewed as a ‘tricky’ shade to wear. It is certainly true that yellow doesn’t suit all skin tones, but that’s not to say it isn’t still a fabulously versatile colour which can enhance both your complexion and your mood when you wear it. 

If you have a Warm undertone then Yellow is a colour that will suit you as it will balance and harmonise with your natural colouring. Depending on the depth and clarity of your colouring, different shades of Yellow will work better than others.

Which Yellow Is For You? 
The fairer you are, the lighter the shade of yellow you can wear on its own. If you have a fair skin tone and blonde hair try a delicate yellow like Primrose worn with Light Grey or Stone (or on its own).

For fair skin and dark hair add some contrast by combining Lemon Yellow with Chinese Blue for a bright Summertime combination. 

If your skin tone is more of a medium depth, with hair that is mid-brown, then Light Gold worn with Light Navy, Rust or Charcoal Blue will balance your colouring beautifully.
Oriental skin tones can sometimes be difficult to categorise as being Warm or Cool - just because the skin tone may appear more yellow, does not necessarily mean your undertone is Warm. Experiment with Cool colours like Fuchsia and Cassis to see how they affect your pallor before diving into wearing Yellow. 
Darker skin tones look fabulous in a deeper shade of Yellow like Mustard, or a lighter shade like Primrose worn in contrast with another colour (for example, Dark Navy or Damson).

If you don't have a Warm undertone a pair of yellow shoes or a yellow bag will give your outfit an instant injection of sunshine. If you like prints then opting for one that is predominantly in your colour palette with some flashes of yellow will also work well. 
<![CDATA[Smart Summer Dressing: Office Style In The Summer]]>Mon, 03 Jul 2017 13:00:00 GMThttp://katydyer.com/blog/smart-summer-dressing-office-style-in-the-summer
​Getting dressed during the hottest days of the year is hard enough without also having to worry about looking presentable in the office. Throw into the mix that here in the UK the weather can turn in the blink of an eye and it can become a daily struggle to get dressed. Read on to learn how to keep things looking more boardroom than beach at the office with mix and match separates and easy to throw-on dresses as well as a few guidelines to keep in mind for your Summer workwear wardrobe.
Many workplaces now adopt a casual dress code, giving you more flexibility when choosing what to wear to work. However, even if your workplace is far from formal, it is still advisable to keep an element of professionalism about your look. Whilst flip-flops might be comfortable and cool, they're certainly not smart or stylish. Instead, opt for a pair of closed-toe sling backs that will work with trousers as well as dresses/skirts. When it comes to footwear for work we recommend adopting this simple rule; either show your toes or your heels, but never both!.

Long sleeves aren't practical in the Summer but you may want to consider light layers if you work in an air conditioned environment. Vest tops and cold shoulder styles are best saved for the weekend however sleeveless blouses look elegant and stylish when paired with skirts or trousers.

Possibly one of the trickiest areas to navigate when dressing for work in the Summer is what to do about your legs! If you're wearing a skirt or dress then flesh coloured tights may be required (especially if your office has air conditioning). If not then perhaps a little tinted body cream to give your pins a little colour. If you prefer not to show your legs, even in the warm weather then you may want to try layering your dresses over leggings or opting for loose, lightweight trousers worn with heels instead. 
Need Some Help With Your summer style? A one-to-one style consultation will tell you everything you need to know about how to wear different patterns, styles and fabrics to suit your body shape - email katy@katydyer.com or call 01844 872 025 today.
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Summer holiday season is almost upon us and whilst we love nothing more than an excuse to jet off to the sun, sometimes the thought of getting everything ready beforehand can seem a little daunting.

Here's some top packing tips and tricks to ensure you have everything you need whilst still meeting the luggage limit.

 Keep It To A Capsule Collection 
Many of us have a tendency to take away more clothes than we actually need.

To avoid this you need to create a capsule wardrobe for your holiday which will allow you to mix and match several items easily - here's how to do it:
Colour code - stick to a few key colours from your palette and build your holiday wardrobe around them. Be sure to include neutral shades for pieces like trousers/skirts so they can be worn with multiple tops and accessories.

Lay out your shoes/accessories - and then halve them. Providing you have footwear that is suitable for any activities you'll be doing whilst you're away you really don't need to take multiple options. With accessories, just a couple of key pieces will see you through. As for bags - one daytime/beach bag and one for the evening should suffice.

Pack Like A Pro 
A few simple tricks will ensure you maximise your suitcase space and ensure your clothes arrive in pristine condition... 
  1. Pack light clothes inside out to ensure they don't mark or pick-up stains in transit.
  2. Roll your clothes rather than folding them - this saves space and reduces crinkles.
  3. Utilise the space in your shoes by rolling smaller items like underwear and popping them inside.
  4. Use clear, resealable bags to pack gadgets and toiletries.

Be Practical 
Thinking practically can make a huge difference when travelling. 
  1. Wear your heaviest items of clothing to travel. That way you can snuggle up on the plane, which is often cold, as well as save precious space in your suitcase.
  2. Invest in lightweight luggage so you can use as much of your baggage allowance for clothes as possible.
  3. Take a carry-on with a few items to freshen up with and a change of underwear so you're feeling fabulous when you reach your destination.
  4. Slip-on shoes offer ease at airport security and comfort, as most people experience a little swelling while in-flight.

Do you struggle with holiday packing? Perhaps you over-pack and always pay extra for excess baggage. Or maybe you're more last-minute but always forget that essential item. What is your biggest headache when it comes to packing - or thinking about packing - for your summer holiday?
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Stripes are featured on catwalks and in High Street stores season after season. Why? They have a timeless appeal to them whilst also feeling fresh and modern. It's highly likely that many of you already have a stripe or two in your wardrobe.

There is a way to wear stripes to suit all body shapes, just read on to find out how to wear yours...

Straight Body Shapes 
If you have a straight body shape (for example, a lean column or rectangle body shape). Then stripes were made for you!
The clean, straight lines of your figure lend themselves perfectly to wearing stripes.

For those with a Rectangle body shape, vertical stripes will look great. If you have a Lean Column body shape then have a play around; mix stripes with other patterns or perhaps look at wearing a combination of horizontal and vertical stripes to create the illusion of curves.

Triangle or Inverted Triangle 
If you wear different sizes on your top and bottom halves then stripes can work wonders to balance out your proportions.
If you have a Triangle (pear) body shape then wear horizontal stripes on your top half. This will balance out your figure and draw the attention upwards.

For those of you with an Inverted Triangle body shape (broader shoulders, slimmer hips), you want to wear your stripes on your bottom half. Horizontal, or vertical, the choice is yours. A striped skirt with a little fullness will even out your proportions beautifully whilst also showing off a slim waist. 
Petite or Grand
Be sure to select stripes that complement your scale.

If you're petite, fine stripes will work best as they won't overwhelm you're frame.

If you're grand in scale (5 foot 7 or taller) then make a statement with bold stripes! 

Curvy Body Shapes 
For those of you with curvaceous figures, stripes can be trickier to wear.

If you have an Oval body shape choose stripes that are soft, tonal or faded. If you have a Full Hourglass figure, consider avoiding stripes altogether; they will have to do a detour around your gorgeous curves! Opt instead for a pattern that complements your body shape better (for example, florals, swirls or spots would be a great alternative). You could also add a stripey accessory (for example, a scarf or bag) to add a little interest to your look. 

How do you like to wear your stripes? Have you got a go-to stripe piece that always makes you feel great?
<![CDATA[Step into Spring in Style]]>Fri, 31 Mar 2017 11:40:10 GMThttp://katydyer.com/blog/step-into-spring-in-stylePicture

Put your best foot forward. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with new colours as well as new styles.

Here's the lowdown on the hottest shoe trends for the season and which ones will work for you...

All Wrapped Up

Emphasising the ankles, this look focuses on buckles, ribbons and straps wrapped around the lower half of your leg.

Lean column body shapes whose legs are likely to be slimmer (be mindful of your skirt/trouser length if you opt to wear this trend as cutting your legs in multiple places can make them appear shorter). 

Flat Form

The sole to be seen in this Spring/Summer is thick, even and oh-so comfortable.

Naturals will love this trend as shoes with a thick, even sole are both comfortable and practical. They will also give you a little height, so if you're petite you get the best of both worlds! 

Kitten Heels

A modern classic, the kitten heel comes back once again this season.

Romantics will love this elegant, ladylike heel height. Those who are Grand in scale may also enjoy trying this trend to give the leg a little lift without adding too much height. 

<![CDATA[A healthy approach to fashion: dress well, move well, feel good!]]>Fri, 17 Mar 2017 12:44:01 GMThttp://katydyer.com/blog/a-healthy-approach-to-fashion-dress-well-move-well-feel-goodPicture
Sometimes fashion choices are not always the smart choices for our body. If you like to dress stylishly but still want to look after your posture, muscles and joints you don’t have to compromise  to move around freely and comfortably. Here are some top to toe healthy style tips from Viv Slater of Move Well Massage to help you look, move and feel great.

Footwear to keep you on your toes
These days there is a great range of stylish AND comfortable footwear available for all sorts of occasions. At a basic level what you’re looking for in a shoe is one that fits without slipping, that allows your toes some wiggle room, and that feels comfortable. Look at brands such as Moshulu, Gabor and Ecco, and the comfort or podiatry in-house brands of John Lewis, M&S and Debenhams for well-fitting, supportive, comfortable footwear. (More locally Wainwrights in Princes Risborough has a great range and skilled staff.)

Generally, women’s shoes very often narrow at the ball of foot and toes and squash them. Over time this can form bunions. These are painful and problematic to treat. Consider wearing shoes most of the time that allow your toes and ball of foot to wiggle and spread. Save elegant but bunion-forming shoes for special occasions.

Ankle boots are currently in fashion: choose wisely. Low boots often don’t provide much support and hold around the heel and ankle. You can you end up gripping with your calf and foot muscles, with the result that your foot and ankle can’t move properly. This can give you painful feet, ankle or knee joints, and if you’re unlucky, a painful sole of foot condition called plantar fasciitis. Look for comfort and a snug heel fit in your ankle boots, or don’t wear them for long periods of walking. Taller, calf-height boots can often have a better shape that follows the contours of your heel and ankle, so you can walk more comfortably without any foot gripping.

For the shoes that you spend the most time in, choose flats or a low heel. Very high heels or heels worn constantly can cause considerable postural, back and feet problems. But there are times when you may want to wear heels. Think about what you’ll be doing at these times. A wedge can be comfortable if you’re standing for long periods as it distributes the weight more easily across the sole. If you’re dancing or walking, wedges can restrict the natural movement of the foot, so consider a court shoe which tends to allow more foot and ankle movement as long as it isn’t too high. If you feel you need a bit of extra height, consider a heel with a platform. You get more height from the platform without adding extra heel inches and compromising your spine. Or use other hair, make-up and clothing style tricks to give an impression of lift and height – over to Katy who’s the expert.

Choosing a bra: breathing matters
Professional bra-fitting services correctly point out the importance of having a well-fitting band to provide support. But beware of bras that fit too tightly around the ribcage.  This will restrict your breathing and rib/spine movement, which can lead to mid-back and neck discomfort. Get a balance between support and a level of comfort that allows you to breathe deeply without feeling restricted.

Swimwear to suit your spine
A quick word on swimwear. A halterneck style can be flattering, stylish and supportive. But if tied very tightly, it can pull your neck forward and out of line with the rest of your spine, causing neck discomfort – not what you want when relaxing on holiday.
Skinny jeans, pencil skirts: room to move
If you wear skinny-style clothing for long periods of time, make sure that the fabric has some stretch. Skinny styles in rigid fabrics can restrict your natural joint movement, resulting in tight, stiff hips and back.
From The Healthy Back Back Company (www.thehealthybackbag.co.uk)
Bags of advice for posture
If you carry a very heavy handbag on one shoulder or in one hand, you end up hitching that shoulder and adapting your posture to counterbalance the weight. If you do this regularly it can contribute to back, neck, shoulder and even elbow and wrist pain. Put less in your bag, perhaps use the calendar on your 'phone rather than carrying a heavy diary and remove items that you don’t need. You could also consider using a bag with a strap that goes across your body, or a rucksack (use both straps, keep them quite snug to keep the bag close to your body.) These are kinder on your spine and allow you to maintain a natural posture. Try The Healthy Back Bag (online or in Wainwrights, Princes Risborough) for casual use, or the Radley brand for smarter cross-body bags. Ted Baker does a great range of hand-held handbags that also have a strap that allow you to carry the bag across your body when needed.

Viv Slater is a soft tissue therapist and owner of Move Well Massage with a clinic at Haddenham Medical Centre in South Buckinghamshire. Viv offers clinical and sports massage, remedial exercise and one to one yoga to help people move well and feel good. 
w: www.movewellmassage.co.uk
t: 07847 013 293
e: viv@movewellmassage.co.uk